Rosie Medina
The Cosmic Nurse

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation

This service provides an in depth look at the entire client, from an elemental view. Since we are all the elements (hot, cold, wet, dry) ether, air, fire, water and earth we can easily find what the root cause.

What happens: during the consultation, Rosie, the Practitioner, will educate the client about their unique constitution. We begin with a hands on assessment into the pulse (if in person), this gives Rosie information about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. Where are the overriding imbalances? What are their greatest weaknesses and challenges?

Here we collaborate and investigate for those details. What state(s) of di-ease are you in? What season are you in? Where does it hurt the most? From here a premium personalized treatment plan is designed to help you find your center and have relief from suffering. The plan clearly lays out the foundations of nutrition, self care, and remedies, as guidelines to assist the restoration of wellness and balance. This will also include details on day to day care. What is suggested is a package plan that lays out a treatment that is implemented over a period of time such as 30-90 days.