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The Cosmic Nurse

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DNA Light Codex Activation Course

DNA Light Codex Group Activation

This is a guided meditation that will assist the audience into the holographic field, the potential field is open through this recording for creating, so that you can experience your crystalline DNA being brought back online.

Ascended masters Mary Magdalene and Yeshua will be transmitting this special activation. This is will help you connect to your light body so that you can get back your highest source potential of your crystalline DNA back online. This is the portal to your original blueprint. Through our many evolutions and through inter-generational traumas we incarnate to physical form packed full of traumas, pains, suffering, states of disease and imbalances. There was a time not so long ago when we did have all your DNA telomeres fully activated, before our human genetic material was distorted. With this offer, you can feel free from pain, inflammation, tiredness, lack of inspiration and more. Here is a golden opportunity to experience freedom from the chains that tie you down from reaching joy, love, bliss and peace and so much more. The field of potential is unlimited to what this can do for those open hearted to the process.

  • Learn how nutrition and why what you eat affects your genetics.
  • Learn how to reduce inflammation.
  • Receive light code activations and healing.
  • Receive relief from physical and emotional pain.
  • Release ancestral wounds.
  • Receive light language, light codex transmissions.

Course Starts – Summer 2022

Pre-registration open now! Reserve your spot today! 

We are offering this course with the intention of being in service to humanity through energy philanthropy. If this program speaks to you, pay what you can, as the Energy exchange for receiving this course material, wisdom and healing.


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Past Events...

Spirit Fest Sarasota, FL.

The largest Conscious Living Experience in Florida! Come and gather with an array of vendors, practitioners, healers, and speakers!

Rosie will be a featured speaker and sharing a live
DNA Light Codex Activation.

Event Hosted by The Sanctuary
for Mind, Body, & Spirit.

The Healing Artist Immersion

Join us for an intimate camping experience on March 11th-13th, in Wimauma, FL. This is a space for women to share their unique soul gifts, make connections with other supportive women, and learn form the gifts of others.
Rosie will be facilitating a DNA Light Codex Activation.
Event Hosted by Sam Thompson and St. Pete's Conscious Events

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