Rosie Medina
The Cosmic Nurse

Psychedelic Integration

Art work by: Luis Tamani


This offering is unique assistance for psycho-spiritual integration coaching. One on one coaching for those seeking holistic, alternative journeys with sacred plant medicines. The sessions are focused on education, preparation, harm reduction, and pre/post journey personal work. We optimize healing tools with Ayurveda as a self-care foundational platform rooted in elemental theory.

Since we are all the elements (hot, cold, wet, dry) ether, air, fire, water and earth, we can utilize the elements in our favor to restore health and sense of wellbeing. Especially working with these powerful earth medicines (entheogens) giving the client a solid platform to gain the most from their journey. During the sessions Rosie will ask the question…why entheogens? Is this serving your highest good? Many things occur as one’s consciousness is expanding to a new paradigm.

What ways can the client expand into their greatness? Together, through this coaching service, providing the possibility to heal, shift and grow in a loving, non-judgmental safe space.

What is recommended is 3-6 sessions as either preparation through to post experience integration phase. This can be done in person or through Zoom. They are live private meetings with you and Rosie.

{DISCLAIMER this is coaching and education: we do not advocate or encourage use of any illegal substance, nor to offer or encourage participation in any illegal activities}