Rosie Medina
The Cosmic Nurse

More About Rosie Medina, The Cosmic Nurse

Professional Education, Training And Services

Medical Active-Registered RN in multiple states, AS degree In Nursing, AS degree in Cardiopulmonary Sciences, Certifications include Advanced and Basic Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, Trauma/Emergency training and experience, Stroke training, Multiple COVID Critical Care assignments, Flight Medicine and education. 

Shamanic – In early 2014 began traveling to Peru, in the Amazon jungle and the Andes to continue my immersion and personal healing. I undergo intense, rigorous training called (dietas) that are specific studies in traditional shamanic relationships with many plant allies including Ayahuasca. Through the Shipibo culture where I continue my studies with indigenous Shipibos and Shipibo Ayahuasquero Maestro Ricardo Amaringo at Nihue Rao Center, in the Amazon jungle near Iquitos, Peru. 

Eastern Science Training In 2015 I journeyed to study at the dhyana Center Ayurveda in Sebastopol, CA, with my now teacher & friend DeAnna Batdorff. I successfully completed Ayurveda Foundations Course, and multiple other courses in the sciences of Ayurveda. I am a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant. I have studied under Desda Zuckerman Conscious Intelligence-Our Sacred Human Anatomy. 

Coaching TrainingI have completed a certified transformational Coaching and addiction program-through Being True to You Coaching program, specializing in psychedelic integration coaching. I am also actively continuing my education with coaching programs. In my coaching practice, I provide supportive transformational experiences to my clients by assisting them on their life journey.

Inter-dimensional  As one of the original earth seeders, I came into my earthly incarnations with many abilities online. My galactic heritage origins are from Andromeda Royalty, Siris, I sat on councils in Pleiades and more. I channel higher dimensionals, such as the Christos(Xrystos) Consciousness/Collective, many light collectives like the Blue Oraphim, ascended masters such as Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, St Germaine, The Order of the Rose, Plant Medicine helpers, White Buffalo Calf Woman and more. Clients can also experience how I alchemize sacred geometry, light and frequency to facilitate healing, support, love, peace, bliss and more. I continue to be in service while in other high frequency locations around the world such as the jungle, andes and other power vortexes, I assist and collaborate with mama Gaia, earth elementals and the plant consciousness while working with the earth grids.

Rosie’s other Passions and Projects:

What lights me up is being in service, much of this is educational and inspirational public speaking engagements. I have a large range of topics to speak to.

  • The Cosmic Nurse Podcast-Truth Justice Health and Spirituality-Launch 2-2-2022.
  • Talks on Plant Medicine, Ayurveda, Women’s Health, General Health and Wellness.
  • Plant Medicine Education and Integration Programs, Early Fall 2022.
  • 5-week course, DNA Light Codex Activation Series-A living Course Starts Summer 2022.
  • E-Book on Immune Protocol. More Details Coming Soon. 
  • Book-The Rose Chronicles-A channeled body of work from the Order of the Rose. More Details Coming Soon. 

Curious to Learn More?

Event Offerings

DNA Light Codex Group Activation

This is a guided meditation that will assist the audience into the holographic field, the potential field is open through this recording for creating, so that you can experience your crystalline DNA being brought back online.

Ascended masters Mary Magdalene and Yeshua will be transmitting this special activation through Rosie. This is will help you connect to your light body so that you can get back your highest source potential of your crystalline DNA back online. This is the portal to your original blueprint. Through our many evolutions and through inter-generational traumas we incarnate to physical form packed full of traumas, pains, suffering, states of disease and imbalances. There was a time not so long ago when we did have all your DNA telomeres fully activated, before our human genetic material was manipulated and distorted. With this offer, you will feel free from pain, inflammation, tiredness, lack of inspiration and more. Here is a golden opportunity to experience freedom from the chains that tie you down from reaching joy, love, bliss and peace and so much more. The field of potential is unlimited to what this can do for those open hearted to the process.

  • You will get ignited, lighter in your auric field and physical body 
  • You will have reduced inflammation
  • You receive light code activations
  • You will have relief from physical pain
  • Connect to feeling freedom from anxiety, self doubt and more. 
  • You will receive light language, light codex transmissions, brilliant connection to the core of Gaia, and quantum field, the source of all potential.


Private Sessions with Rosie

One on one session to assess the areas where your body, mind and spirit needs are in highest demand. In this session Rosie provides a container, opens a connection to higher guidance and support, the portal of unlimited potential, where you will be able to receive. Here you will get personalized guidance, that is specific to you and where you are at the present time of the session. This will help focus where in the DNA and in relationship to all of your bodies, where the support is needed. With this you can open the places within your genetic make up to help you align. Ascended masters Mary Magdalene and Yeshua will be present for these healing sessions and are the key masters assisting. You will learn what is holding you back from reaching your deepest desires and highest potential. As Rosie work multi-dimensionally to bring forth the cosmic and galactic support available for the timeline accessed at the time of the session.

Health & Elemental Educational Talks/workshops

I provide education and through in talks and private experiences that will provide my audiences/clients a holistic view and approach to health and wellness through a journey of elemental theory. My coaching clients get personalized assessments of their present imbalances which touch on the basic physical, mental, emotional needs additionally the psycho-spiritual needs. I get the needed information with my private clients in pulse assessment, addressing the imbalances on the physical and none physical planes of existence. In the speaking events I teach workshops on elemental theory and how this intersects with how we respond with the world around us. Topics with in these talks-elemental nutrition, daily self care, Women’s breast health, building spiritual practices and more.


“I have known Rosie for several years, in ceremonial, friendship and client/practitioner contexts. Rosie is a wonderful and wise being and gifted practitioner, possessing knowledge and experience in a complimentary array of ancient healing modalities. I have had the privilege of benefiting from the strength and intuition of her Ayurvedic practice, from which I received profound physical healing and a more complete understanding of my bodies constitution and needs. Her longstanding work as a registered nurse informs an even more intricate level of her anatomical, psychological and medical awareness. I have also witnessed Rosie’s abilities as a ceremonial space holder to facilitate both physical and energetic shifts, and her dedication to her own spiritual development. She walks these paths with integrity, grace, openness, gratitude and love.”

“Rosie is an engaging and insightful practitioner with strong intuitive wisdom on how to heal the disharmonies of the body and mind. I am grateful for the opportunity to have experienced her medicine and the joy she brings to her practice. “

“Rosie has been an incredible ally in my healing journey. She’s a go-to for simple, step-by-step solutions to complex problems. I Highly recommend working with her!”

“Rosie is a wealth of knowledge and experience in both western medicine and numerous traditional and holistic traditions. She uses her knowledge to empower her clients to take charge of their health. She is a wonderful ally in establishing life-long health practices.”