Rosie Medina
The Cosmic Nurse

Offerings for Optimal Health and Wellness

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation

This service provides an in depth look at the entire client, from an elemental view. Since we are all the elements (hot, cold, wet, dry) ether, air, fire, water and earth we can easily find what the root cause.

What happens: during the consultation the practitioner will educate the client about their unique constitution. We begin with a hands on assessment into the pulse, this gives the practitioner information about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. Providing the doctor or practitioner a way into the state of health of the patient. Where are the overriding imbalances? What are their greatest weaknesses and challenges?

Here we collaborate and investigate for those details. What state(s) of di-ease are you in? Where does it hurt the most? From here a premium personalized treatment plan is designed to help you find your center and have relief from suffering. The plan clearly lays out the foundations of nutrition, self care, and remedies, as guidelines to assist the restoration of wellness and balance. This will also include details on day to day care. Everything will be written down for clear understanding. What is suggested is a package plan that lays out a treatment that is implemented over a longer period of time such as 30-90 days.

Spiritual Mentoring

~Psychedelic Integration~

This offering is unique assistance for psycho-spiritual integration coaching.  One on one coaching for those seeking holistic alternative, journeys with sacred plant medicines. The sessions are focused on education, preparation, harm reduction, and pre/post journey personal work. We optimize healing tools with Ayurveda as a self-care foundational platform rooted in elemental theory.

Since we are all the elements (hot, cold, wet, dry) ether, air, fire, water and earth, we can utilize the elements in our favor to restore health and sense of wellbeing. Especially working with these powerful earth medicines (entheogens) giving the client a solid platform to gain the most from their journey.

During the sessions Rosie will ask the question...why entheogens? Is this serving your highest good? Many things occur as one's consciousness is expanding to a new paradigm.

What ways can the client expand into their greatness? Together, through this coaching service, providing the possibility to heal, shift and grow in a loving, non-judgmental safe space. What is recommended is 3-6 sessions as either preparation through to post experience integration phase. This can be done in person or through Zoom. They are live private meetings with you and Rosie.

{DISCLAIMER- this is coaching and education: we do not advocate or encourage use of any illegal substance, nor to offer or encourage participation in any illegal activities}

Conscious Channeling

This is a live channelled session with Rosie, where a connection to the higher realms and vibrations is obtained. Everyone on the planet today is seeking guidance, direction or support. Things are changing second by second. Things can seem chaotic and uncertain these days. This is a unique opportunity to receive universal support and unconditional love. Why wouldn't you want to tap into your guides and where you came from, our galactic family? Most of us want to learn more about ourselves and to receive guidance about our highest purpose.

How does it works? A connection is established to higher frequencies of wisdom and guidance, Rosie channels information for the client from loving, compassionate, non-filtered, non-judgmental perspective from ascended masters, guides, teachers, galactic beings. They are with us helping us through this huge transition the earth is experiencing. This information is important as a guide post to our lives, through this unprecedented evolutionary shifts of our planetary timeline and how you can bring your life into focus.

Now more than ever, these connections are necessary to expand our evolutionary consciousness, raise our personal awareness and vibration. The veils between the worlds are thin, meaning we have the capacity to access our guides, ancestors, angels and star seed family.

Through right relationships with source energy and sacred reciprocity this is accessible.We have endless love and support thru the consciousness of divine source and light. This is a collaborative session for the client to gain access to this collective of beings, connected to God/Goddess consciousness. This unique session is available via Zoom.

Education on Pain Management through Ayurveda

By Rosie Medina

Pain management comes in different forms. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. These states, can for most people, induce a state of suffering. Why does one have to endure suffering? Is it karma, bad genetics, poor lifestyle or something else? It’s fascinating to me as a nurse and practitioner how the body acclimates (gets used) being in such a state. People spend weeks, months and years in one or more of these types of suffering. Not being able to see the way out or perhaps, they tried various remedies or therapies with little to no success. The mind can totally take over, convincing the person that nothing will work. So they remain stuck in their world. Thousands of dollars later they are no better, in some cases, where they began.

So now what? 

People can feel very overwhelmed with so many options and complicated formulas. Time and money with no real solutions. Time…interesting concept and is third dimensional reality. A trap I see folks often getting in.

How can they tip the scales into their favor? The good news is…there are solutions.

The ancient science of Ayurveda teaches us how to get back to the basics of the elements. Hot, cold, wet, dry: earth, air, water, ether, fire.

Ayurveda and the philosophy shows us how to honor the seasons, nutrition, and teaches us practices to do during these times to nourish our body, mind and spirit.

A great seasonal option for winter are root vegetable soups and miso, kitchari with split dal bean. High in protein, nourishing, and easy to digest, adding ghee to our foods. If appropriate, netra basti-dough dam with warm ghee in the eyes to nourish the eye and all the terminal nerve endings of the nervous system. Salt baths, and abhyanga (oilenation of the body). 

Having a daily spiritual practice and taking time out of the craziness of our lives, breath work, mudras (hand postures). With these types of practices dis-ease can not have such an impact on us. It’s important to honor the seasoned within ourselves as we age, we can feel better and have vitality.