Rosie Medina
The Cosmic Nurse

Spiritual Mentoring

This is a live channelled session with Rosie, where a connection to the higher realms and vibrations is obtained. Everyone on the planet today is seeking guidance, direction or support. Things are changing second by second. Things can seem chaotic and uncertain these days. This is a unique opportunity to receive universal support and unconditional love. Why wouldn’t you want to tap into your guides and where you came from, our galactic family?

Most of us want to learn more about ourselves and to receive guidance about our highest purpose.

How does it work? A connection is established to higher frequencies of wisdom and guidance, Rosie channels information for the client from loving, compassionate, non-filtered, non-judgmental perspective from ascended masters, guides, teachers, galactic beings. They are with us, helping us through this huge transition the earth is experiencing.

This information is important as a guide post to our lives, through this unprecedented evolutionary shifts of our planetary timeline and how you can bring your life into focus. Now more than ever, these connections are necessary to expand our evolutionary consciousness, raise our personal awareness and vibration. The veils between the worlds are thin, meaning we have the capacity to access our guides, ancestors, angels and star seed family. 

Through right relationships with source energy and sacred reciprocity this is accessible.We have endless love and support thru the consciousness of divine source and light. This is a collaborative session for the client to gain access to this collective of beings, connected to God/Goddess consciousness.

This unique session is available via Zoom.